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YB Rafizi Ramli | An ILHAM talk with MAVCAP


MAVCAP is committed to communicating and educating people on how we can contribute to the economy. We were honored to host YB Rafizi Ramli, Minister of Economy for Malaysia (@epumalaysia), at our ILHAM with MAVCAP talk. The event provided valuable insights into the role of governments and venture capital in establishing Kuala Lumpur as a thriving startup hub. During the talk moderated by our chairman Tunku Alizakri Alias, YB Rafizi Ramli highlighted the potential benefits that a thriving startup ecosystem could bring to the economy.

Additionally, we hope our participants experienced a little fun with a speed round of introducing themselves, both from founders and investor alike. We know that networking is important, and as we continue to host events like this, we hope to further create understanding when there is intersection of government policy, venture capital, and various players of economic growth.

YB Rafizi Ramli, Ministry of Economy giving his speech

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