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Accelerating Ventures – International Women’s Day Edition 2023

We are excited to kick off the year with our first main event in conjunction with International women’s Day.

We are excited to kick off the year with our first main event in conjunction with International women’s Day. From our previous Accelerating Ventures event, we took on the stage this year on the championing inclusivity and diversity in the venture capital industry. With so many distinguished guests, influencers and partners in the room, we explored strategies to dismantle patriarchy and bridge the gender gap for women.


Amongst all the ventures and startups that MAVCAP has supported, many of these ventures are led by women and with women as founders or co-founders, but this is not enough, we would need more women led startups in tech. These ventures are based purely on the capabilities and potential of their businesses. MAVCAP is very proud to have backed these great businesses together with its VC partners such as Vynn Capital, Intres, 500 and Gobi partners to name a few.


MAVCAP chief operating officer Noor Amy Ismail said the lack of women representation in the digital sector was a pressing issue. The lack of data and statistics had proven to be the hindrance to address the bigger issue of awareness and exposure among women entrepreneurs in the sector, she added. “Many are not aware of VC funding and when it comes to women empowerment in the digital sector particularly, there is only one per cent of women-led startups from the total VC funding. There must be a push for greater transparency and accountability in the VC industry, with more equitable distribution of funding,” Amy said. She said venture capitalists must create more conversations around VC funding to increase the diversity of startup companies.

The event was also graced by representatives from MOSTI, MOF, influencers Tiara Jacquelina and Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir to name a few. The event was supported by Astro Awani as the official media partner, Women In Tech as the community partner and Gobi Partners for its generosity in sponsoring this event.

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