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MAVCAPulse 9th June 2023



MAVCAP Staff at Taman Tugu Negara

This time on #MAVCAPulse, with a happy heart we are proud to announce that we have adopted a tree at Taman Tugu! In conjunction with World Environment Day (5th June), we reflect on our responsibility as guardians of the environment and the earth, where impactful endeavors flourish alongside nature’s abundance.

The MAVCAP team made a visit to the tree at Taman Tugu, a 66-acre green lung right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Just as a tree needs nurturing to grow strong and bear fruitful outcomes, MAVCAP recognizes the importance of supporting startups and venture capital players in creating a thriving ecosystem where innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable practices coexist and flourish together.

Mavcap’s Adopted Tree


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