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MVCR Workshop

January 9, 2024


Forum Perniagaan

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EWC Steering Committee

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ESG Evolve 2023

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Zalora NEXEA

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TOTAL FUNDS MADE ACCESSIBLE to Malaysian Start-up Ecosystem
FACILITATED 2 GLOBAL VC FIRMS entry into the SEA Ecosystem via Malaysia
REVENUE GENERATED by Portfolio Companies
LOCAL VC FUND MANAGERS PRODUCED via 12 outsourced programme



Today’s engaging session brought together brilliant minds to discuss the future of Malaysia’s Venture Capital landscape. Exciting developments are on the horizon, thanks to everyone’s invaluable insights on challenges and opportunities in the venture capital ecosystem.

The collaborative effort in this industry is set to shape a brighter, more dynamic future. Stay tuned for developments that aim to elevate Malaysia’s VC presence globally.

We appreciate the invitation from Persatuan Anak Melayu Johor Wilayah Persekutuan & Selangor to have our COO, Noor Amy Ismail, participate in Forum Perniagaan. The discussion on “Kemudahan Pembiayaan Usahawan” with industry experts Md. Zahidan Hassan and M. Nasarudin Samad, moderated by Abdul Kader, provides essential insights into accessing various funding sources. As a venture capital, our mission is clear: empowering innovative tech ventures in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. With dedicated funding for growth-focused companies, we’re here to fuel Malaysia’s big ideas to success.


MAVCAP amat menghargai undangan daripada Persatuan Anak Melayu Johor Wilayah Persekutuan & Selangor kepada Ketua Pegawai Operasi kami, Noor Amy Ismail, untuk menyertai Forum Perniagaan. Perbincangan mengenai “Kemudahan Pembiayaan Usahawan” bersama pakar industri, Md. Zahidan Hassan dan M. Nasarudin Samad, serta moderator Abdul Kader, memberikan perspektif penting tentang cara mengakses pelbagai sumber pembiayaan. Sebagai firma modal teroka, misi kami jelas: Memperkasa usaha niaga teknologi inovatif di Malaysia dan Asia Tenggara. Dengan dana khusus untuk syarikat berfokuskan pertumbuhan, kami di sini bersiap siaga melonjakkan idea-idea hebat Malaysia sehingga berjaya.


Congratulations to MAVCAP’s Chief Operating Officer Noor Amy Ismail for her appointment into the steering committee of the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) Malaysia. Here she is represented by our ESG Associate Director, Melissa Yeoh. Other notable committee members include Herman Syah Abdul Rahim, (CEO of Kumpulan Modal Perdana Sdn Bhd), Arsalaan (Oz) Ahmed (Chairman, mmob) and Karunjit Kumar Dhir (Partner, Kuber Ventures).

We hope to find support of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Malaysia, to use this platform that aims to foster local venture capital networks and uplift Malaysian startups.


Grateful for the honor extended to MAVCAP’s Chief Investment Officer, Paramjit Singh, at ESG Evolve 2023 by Kexxel Group, hosted at EQ Hotel Kuala Lumpur! His insights illuminated MAVCAP’s pivotal role in driving sustainable innovation. Under the session ‘Tech for Greener Future – Innovations Driving Sustainability & Environment Stewardship,’ he underscored MAVCAP’s commitment to seamless funding for startups, the transformative impact of digital innovation on environmental stewardship, and the imperative for collaborative efforts among CVC, #venturecapital, and private equity.

Alongside esteemed co-panelists Harmender Singh (Vice President & SUPER Project Management Office of Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd) and Ts. Tengku Azrul Tengku Azhar (Director of Regulation and Sustainability of MDEC), guided by the adept moderation of Nizam Mohd Reza (Chief Operating Officer of VentureTECH Sdn Bhd), discussions centered on innovations driving sustainability.

Here’s to fostering a greener future through innovative collaborations!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at ‘10 Learnings From ZALORA.’ Reflecting on this insightful event, it was an enriching session, unveiling the strategies and successes that drove ZALORA’s rise as Southeast Asia’s premier fashion e-commerce platform.

MAVCAP’s dedication to empowering startups through knowledge-sharing and networking reaffirms our commitment to nurturing a thriving ecosystem for innovation and venture capital. Looking forward to more collaborative events sculpting the future of startups.


It’s crucial to maintain a critical lens to ensure that the field evolves in a way that maximizes both financial returns and positive impact. At the panel session ‘Exploring Platforms and Structures for Impact Investing’ at the SC-World Bank Conference we share our commitment to to drive positive change and align financial goals with impactful solutions through the presence of our Head of ESG and Partnership, Melissa Yeoh.

Impact investing is a chance for all of us to reaffirm our commitment to rigorous impact standards and to promote the adoption of best practices that can drive sustainability at large, and for the progress of the industry forward.


A splendid evening at AC Ventures’ Headquarters last Wednesday. We were honored to be part of an exclusive gathering, with distinguished guests from the tech investment realm. Noor Amy Ismail, our COO, shared insights alongside key industry figures: Donald Wihardja, CEO of MDI Ventures, Helen Wong, Managing Partner at AC Ventures, and Gary Khoeng, Partner at Vertex Ventures.

The discussions on the future of tech investing in ASEAN were truly enlightening. We’re thankful for the new connections and partnerships formed during this memorable evening.


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the outstanding team at JCI Bukit Bintang for their exemplary and meticulous efforts in organizing both the press conference and project forum. Your unwavering commitment to our shared vision for the betterment of Malaysia’s youth is truly invaluable, and your dedication to providing insightful and informative opportunities for them is nothing short of commendable.

Furthermore, we wish to express our profound thanks and deep-seated appreciation to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and their esteemed representative, Tn. Lim Chow Kiat, for their remarkable and generous commitment to the noble cause we all stand for.

Working in harmony, our collective endeavors are undeniably making a significant and lasting impact, and we eagerly anticipate and look forward to the continuation of our collaborative efforts. Together, we are paving the way for a brighter and more promising future for A Better Malaysia.


Today, MAVCAP is delighted to hold a sharing session with Gabungan Persatuan Alumni SBP. We aim to help educate more about the venture capital and financial activities we do at MAVCAP. The event was attended by alumni from different SBP schools across the country. It provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among the alumni community. Overall, the sharing session was a success, fostering closer ties between MAVCAP and the members of Gabungan Persatuan Alumni SBP.


Venture Connect arrives in Georgetown, Penang!

MAVCAP will host another Venture Connect at MYStartup NXT Penang micro-conference. Venture Connect is a unique opportunity not only to expose startups to various funding options but also to connect potential investors to potential startups. Gain valuable insights and make meaningful connections that can help them navigate the challenging path to securing investment.

Register for Venture Connect on MYSTARTUP NXT Penang’s Day 2 (14th September): (Link in our bio)

All are also welcome to join both days of @themystartup NXT Penang: Empowering the ASEAN Startup Ecosystem

Hear from our warriors

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“MAVCAP is doing very well, and by giving a free hand to the professionals in MAVCAP, I am very confident that MAVCAP will soar to new heights.”

YBM Chang Lih Khang

Science Technology and Innovation of Malaysia

YBM Chang Lih Khang

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