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MAVCAP has been funding innovation since 2001 and has made many remarkable achievements. Throughout its journey, MAVCAP has produced and supported local, regional and global VC firms and fund managers, invested in over 1000 companies, created over 30,000 jobs and backed the rise of unicorns such as Grab and Carsome.


As the years rolled by, MAVCAP’s journey began to mirror the dynamic world of venture capital. The beginnings of its brand logo that is simple and fresh that embodied the enthusiasm of a startup has now evolved, mirroring the growth it sought to foster in others. As MAVCAP’s portfolio companies flourished under its guidance, the logo flourished too, now standing as a testament to the collective experience and wisdom gained over time.


MAVCAP supports the growth of visionary entrepreneurs and propel their ventures to new heights which is reflected in the logo’s transformation – a symbol of MAVCAP’s commitment to nurturing businesses from their earliest stages to full bloom. The refreshed logo stands tall and bold, a beacon of success and resilience, telling the stories of startup ventures that dreamed big and succeeded.


The colours of MAVCAP’s logo also hold special significance.


  • The light blue represents trust, transparency, and integrity, the core principles that underpin MAVCAP’s operations. It symbolizes the unwavering commitment to building lasting relationships with entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.
  • The dark blue embodies innovation, ambition, and the boundless potential that lies within the startup ecosystem. It reflects MAVCAP’s vision to be at the forefront of catalyzing disruptive ideas that transform industries and shape the future.
  • The dark gray signifies stability and reliability. It represents MAVCAP’s role as a steadfast partner, providing startups with a solid foundation and support they can depend on throughout their journey.

As MAVCAP moves forward, its logo becomes a living testament to its transformative journey that reflects the ever-expanding pursuit of excellence and growth which continues to embrace the and explore the uncharted territories and create opportunities across the startup landscape.