About Us

Our Programs

The main criteria for investments include the following:
  • Management capability and integrity;
  • Proven business with strong market position or competitive advantage;
  • Ownership of significant intellectual properties with commercial values;
  • Good growth prospects or scalability; and
  • Identifiable divestment strategy.
Investments will generally take the form of equity participation in the prospective companies. Types of instruments proposed can either be by ordinary shares or convertible preference shares.
By and large, MAVCAP makes investments through these following programs:

a. Direct Investments
We invest directly and participate actively in the management and operations of the investee companies by:
  • Seeking partnership opportunities with start-ups and early-stage businesses as well as expansion of high-growth companies
  • Employing our financial, intellectual capital and other resources to accelerate the growth and development of the investee companies until a successful exit is determined.
Our primary objective is to have a diversified portfolio of investments that results in us having a complementary and synergistic pool of technology companies as investees.
We believe the synergies between the various companies we invest in will translate into even greater business success. We are also open to co-investment opportunities with the VC funds and other investors.
MAVCAP’s investment offerings include the following:

  MAVCAP 100 (Minimum 51% Bumiputera shareholding) MAVCAP 110 MAVCAP 110
Target Sector
  • General ICT - Hardware/Software
  • Various Domain
  • Multimedia Service
  • Providers/Application Service
  • Providers MSPs/ASPs
  • New media
  • Games
  • E-Content
  • Community & Networking
  • Wireless & mobile
  • Software Application & Services
  • Digital Contents including High Definition (HD) & games
Typical Investment Size
  • RM1 million – RM10 million
  • For seed & start-up deal stage
  • RM3 million – RM15 million
  • For early & expansion deal stage
  • RM5 million – RM20 million
  • For late-deal stage

b. Outsource Partners Programmes
Our Outsource Partners Programme 1 and 2 (OSP 1 and OSP 2) were launched in 2001 and 2006 respectively. Through these programs, we allocate a significant amount of capital to VC fund management companies, who in turn invest in high-growth businesses.