About Us

Our Commitment

Our mandate is to support Malaysian based ICT companies as well as act as a catalyst in the VC industry. By supporting seed, start-up and early-stage ICT companies and as well as other companies in high-growth industries., we are committed to:
  • Empower entrepreneurs to create wealth
  • Generate superior investment returns
  • Groom a large quality pool of venture capital & private equity managers
MAVCAP invests for a period of three to eight years in seed, start-ups and early-stage companies. It is important to note that we not only invest capital in the company but also hold a Board position and are actively involved in key management decisions.

In short, we do not see ourselves merely as a financial investor but more as a strategic and professional partner who entrepreneurs can turn to for sound judgment and advice. At MAVCAP, we are strongly guided by our desire to steer these companies to greater level of success.

As a VC, we are willing to manage risks that financial institutions or other funding sources are either reluctant to take on or may not have the capability to evaluate. As a result, companies that normally have difficulty in securing financial assistance, as they are either too new or too small, will find a VC like MAVCAP an ideal partner for growth.